Paul has been performing illusions for more than 10 years. Defined by his closeness to the audience and his fixation to create not only the magic experience, but also the awakening of new feelings and emotions on every spectator.
These characteristics have transformed his shows into a new way of entertainment that has brought him to perform in some prestigious theatres, high-end restaurants and corporations.
Paul Henry has been an active member of the directive board of ACAI-Spanish Society of Magicians, and he has also coordinated the Youth Magician Association founded in the Univesity of Barcelona.
Nowadays, his shows blend the innovative world of Magic and Mentalism opening the door to the latest trend of new and surprising experiences.


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Private Parties:

Paul has performed at hundreds of First Communions, wedding receptions, holiday parties and birthday parties.
Since all events are different, each show can be addapted to your specific needs thus adding value to your party making it trully memorable and to stand out from the rest.

Corporate Events:

Get more out of your upcoming conventions, holiday parties, sales meetings, congresses and other corporate events. Show your clients and employees how important they are to you and make this year’s event the one they’ll never forget!.
Paul will work with you to customize an exclusive program for your next event.

Types of show:

Depending on the party you are planning, Paul will recommend the style of show that better addapts to your needs:

  • Close-up strolling magic: This is the perfect option for receptions and cocktail hours. Paul circulates throughout the party and introduces himself to small groups creating miracles before their eyes: bills appearing from nowhere, playing cards changing in the blink of an eye, and he can also reads the mind of the audience!
    This is a great icebreaker to set a special tone for your event.

  • Stand-up show: Paul presents a show full of fun and surprise that will keep audiences, ranging in size from 20 to 1.000, laughing and gasping in amazement. The show is designed with an innovative a perfect blend of Magic, Mentalism and a wholesome sense of humor to create a new experience like none other. The constant participation of the audience will make them feel like the stars of the show.
    Also, the theme of your event can be incorporated to the show.


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